Problem with SMTP-OCX

Hi all! We are using a SMTP OCX component (downloaded from MIBUSO)within NAVISION for several months without any problems. Now we try to setup the system on a Windows XP client (install OCX, register OCX, compile objects); but when running the application this error-message occurs:


This message is for C/AL programmers: Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server idetified by GUID={…}. Check that the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered.

Well, I think it is correctly installed and registered[?] Same error occurs on a Windows Server 2003 machine; not with Windows 2000 or NT. (In all cases an administrator account was used) Any advices? Thanx in advance!

Hmmm … we still could not get rid of that error … [V] So, we changed the used component - now we use JMail via automation - and we don’t have any trouble in this case anymore. Obviously, the SMTP OCX is simply not XP compatible … [B)]


Obviously, the SMTP OCX is simply not XP compatible … [B)]

Joerg, I’m using the SMTP OCX without any problems on my XP (SP2). I have to check the version no. I’m using here on my notebook. If you are interested I will check it out and let you know. However, do you like JMail?

The SMTP OCX requires a Winsock Control. This control handles TCP/IP traffic. But this control is not always present on any system. But it comes with a lot of applications, so most time it is present at a system but in rare cases it is not. If the winsock control is not available then i would expect such a message. Try google and then you’ll find the winsock control i gues …

Hi all! Thanx for your reply! Walter: Thank you for your support, but it’s not necessary to “hang on” this issue. JMail is IMO much better - and it works on XP properly! Kind regards, Jörg

oke but it may always be usefull for others having simular problems …

I’m having just the same problem, I have the smtp ocx runing in various computers (all with XP) but now we are installing new computers and we are not being able to make it work properly. They have installed just windows and navision and the office 2000. We installed the mswinsck.ocx and the msmapi32.ocx and still not working. Any ideas? PD: Thanks to Joerg Stryk for his email