Problem with scheduling tasks

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The problem with scheduling tasks in DAX 2012:

Basic introduction:

In DAX 2012, the planning method is MRP II, which means planning the arrival to the requirements date. But the system, for some unknown reasons, plans most of the orders with futures. In the settings of the consolidated planirvoanie turned off the setting that the futures date put in the date required, in order to see the bottlenecks.

In our system, planning is underway for the jobs. Each resource is finite capacity, not depending on the resource type personnel or equipment. Have a resource type “personnel” are “Abilities” with the level of knowledge and priorities. Each resource included in a particular group of resources and routes, the resource requirements are specified resource group, ability and the necessary level of proficiency the ability to perform this operation.

As each resource is configured with a working time calendar that determines how long it works how long has the break. To reflect absence (vacations, illness, etc.) uses the resource group that indicates that the employee included in the group. and Vice versa. Ie in the resource groups, we have a lot of closed and open again resources. Personnel accounting has not been introduced.

A restriction in the scheduling parameters: Limit optimization time = 300. Without this option, master planning hangs for more than 2 days. The Choice of the main resource is produced by the “Duration” as the priority all the same now.


The main problem:

Job scheduling process master scheduling, the system puts the job starting from “the end”, i.e. from planning of the production for a production order ago. But we have the task daily, since the launch PZ in production, to upload resources to the full, and not wait for the moment when the system is set to start, because production of a living mechanism and emergency situations also happen, and the system plans without taking them into account.

For this we are planning the quest “Forward from the current date” and assume that all the resources will get the job starting from the current time, arranged in the correct order and hierarchy, without a break in time for each employee.

But the system schedules tasks with huge gaps in time between the current day and the planned beginning of the task. Let me give you an example: Today 27.10.2016.

There is an order №PZ-0007626, the production of Metal chimneys. You can see by the order that he is required to 07.11.2016, but the planned release of this order only on 21.01.2017.

We begin to understand:

When you deploy this order, to determine support, we see that the order is fully guaranteed and nothing prevents the beginning of production.

Let’s start with the ordering of the lower level: PZ-0007623. He is scheduled to release 21.11.2016:

The route to this order contains 2 to 5 minutes, i.e. for the production of 2 units of production will require 10 minutes. The first operation is already finished and so there are only only 5 minutes. But the system moved the start of the order 21.11.2016:

Analyze incomplete operation No. 10:

It requires 2 of the resource: the workplace(TS-4.10.1) and staff(C-6-004).

At the workplace the analyzed maximum power and see that download next 3 weeks not at all:

The employee has the same situation - is not loaded the next 3 weeks:

The same situation with the other subordinate orders, employees, and equipment free from today, and the jobs are scheduled since 21.11.2016;

Now consider the head order: he situation is identical to that of the subordinates - the first task is executed, and the remaining tasks were rasplanirovke since 22.11.2016.

Ie the main problem is that the system is not planning employee utilization for the current day, though the scheduled job from the current day forward.

The reasons for this late start of jobs can not find. If anyone has thoughts, I ask them to name each check on the possibility of correcting the situation. Benefit deployed multiple AOS servers and several test database

in addition to the problem with scheduling tasks, I want to add the statistics noted on this issue:

It was observed that on most orders where there are jobs that have a planned start date 1-3 weeks after the previous one is the multiple secondary resources to operations.

Detailed example:

Production order № PZ-0008102 - has a delivery date of 07.12.2016 and end date 27.12.2016.

When you deploy this order becomes understood that all of the components for performing this order will be to 01.12.2016, but nevertheless ordering will be made only to 27.12.2016:

If it is not in the components, we begin to consider the task and find out what the delay is for 10 transactions where 2 of the secondary resource:

The same situation with a subordinate order No. PZ-0008101: 25 activity 2 secondary resource, and the job was scheduled within 8 days after the previous one, although all the components in stock.

Hey Maksim,

Any chance you’ve looked at the Gantt chart for any one of these production orders? Even though the Gantt chart is kind of crappy, sometimes, it’s easier to see where there’s overlaps or why there’s gaps with the Gantt.