Problem with persisting Field Filter

I’ve searched this forum and the Internet, but couldn’t find a solution to a problem one of our customers has.

As far as she told me, this girl opened the (purchased) posted invoices, set a field filter on the customer, did what she needed to, then after she closed the form, did some other routine work. At last she returned to the posted invoices and the form preserved the previously entered filter! If she presses F5, she still sees just the filtered rows, so she always has explicitly clear it!
I tried to explicitly remove/change the filter, it worked until I closed the form, then when I reopened it, the old filter was there again! I thought it was due to something done during her learning phase, so I just removed the .zup file. Everything worked fine for a week or so, but now the problem has reappered!
The same happens when she opens the Sales posted invoices form. She’s the only one in her group to face this issue, but actually the computers are quite heterogeneous.

Technical details: NAV 5 SP1 (Italian version), native DB. Client runs on a Win XP SP2, 2002 version.

Did anyone face this problem? I’ve no clues as to what to check for, does any of you have any suggestions?? :expressionless:

Thanks in advance!


This is Microsoft Dynamics NAV! This is how the system is supposed to work!! This is what I am missing in other systems!!!

Anyway - if you want NAV “ignore” (e.g.) filter-settings, open the form in design mode, and write “RESET;” into trigger OnOpenForm. Those were the good news. The bad news are, that you [probably] have to do this in every form in NAV…

This have certainly something to do with the ZUP-file. Find out where zup-files (hers and others) are stored in your system/network.

Hello, anfinnur and thanks for your reply.

I thought only flowfilters were supposed to persist if I close a form, not field filters. Anyway, let’s suppose field filters persist as well:

Suppose I set a filter, (which I call A in this post), for field “Description”, set to value “Microsoft”. This is what happens on that girl’s client

The girl opens the posted invoices form and find rows filtered by filter A.

The girl wants to see only records with “Description” of value “Oracle”, so she sets a new filter, filter B, to this value.

The right records are retrieved and examined by the girl, who then closes the form. So filter B is persisted.

She opens the form again, and finds records with description “Microsoft”, so filter A is applied!!! [:|]

Then she wants to clear the filter, deleting the value from the textbox (filter C).

The right records are retrieved and examined by the girl, who then closes the form. So filter C is persisted.

She opens the form again, and finds records with description “Microsoft”, so filter A is applied!!! [:|]

Maybe I’m wrong about what filters are persisted, but I can’t figure how this can be the right behaviour!

Thanks again…

PS: The filter values used in the example are fictitious: it’s not that Microsoft chose to show herself rather than Oracle… [:D]

Are you sure youare describing the process correctly? I think you are missing omething out. Maybe somewhere in there there is an F5 that you “forgot” to mention.

Actually I’ve done several tests, what I described is one of them. I’ve done tests also showing the list, trying to change filter (even the filtered field) and resetting it (SHIFT+CTRL+F7) both from card and list view. No changes in behaviour

Maybe I did forget to mention something, which I even can’t see… Did you have something in mind? Are there cases where this is the right behaviour? I tried to repeat the situation on several clients, with no luck…

This is exactly how it would behave if you were pressing F5 to show the list form, which is why I think you are doing that.

THere are two other options. One is that this is on citrix, and the other is that the user is opening navision twice.

Ask them if they ever saw a message “Do you want to over write the ZUP file”

My apologies! I managed to reconstruct the “problem” on my machine. She actually did what she denied (and still denies!) to do: she must have applied the filter from the card view, then opened the list view and went on applying filters there… In that case field filters are indeed preserved at card level, so when she later reopens the card, she still finds the filter, goes to the list, finds the filter and removes it and so on…

That was interesting to learn, as a developer I never met this feature… :slight_smile:

Thank you very much David!!

Its really important to understand that users very infrequently describe what they are doing, They describe what they think they are doing. There for you must always sit in front of the computer and watch what they do and write down every step.

Here is a situation I had where basically the end user jut was not capable of telling me the whole story. It ended out costing them a lot of money just because they users didn’t think it was important to tell me everything: