Problem with NAV klients showing ø as ₵ and Ø as yen ¥

I’m using danish windows (da-dk) and somehow my nav 2016 CU 11 windows and webklients are showing ø as ₵ and Ø as ¥ in some menu options (see picture).

Anyone know why this is happening and is it a problem in an object after an upgrade from 2016 cu 0 to 2016 cu 11?

(Typing mode in a cmd prompt shows the correct code page or tegntabel (in danish) 850 for my windows)

Hi Pete, There are fixes in CU12 related to special characters. For Eg. 380617 - “The Euro sign, €, is not saved properly in the development environment and it is replaced with the question mark, ?.”

You might update to CU12 and see if this resolves your issue.

Her’s the link to download NAV 2016 CU12-…/KBDisplay.aspx

Hope it helps!

Hi Pete,

My suggestion would be to change the following in your “windows” as our wonderful “Microsoft” solution is not always good with unicode.

We had the exact same issue with “polish” special letters and the only thing that worked for us was the following:

Change those 2 to Danish and you should be “golden”

Good luck!

Hello, recompile all objects. This should solve the problem.

best regards

Thanks for the replies all and sorry for the late reply.

  • I’ll try at later date and test with a 2016 CU12 db, client etc. but don’t think that is the issue.

  • My setting was danish for programs that doesn’t support unicode, and even changing that to another language than danish didn’t have an effect to the better or worse so the nav client is probably supporting unicode.

  • I’ll let my dev guy try recompile all objects to see if that solves the problem.

We have been able to provoke the ø as ₵ and Ø as yen ¥ menu issue more about that later.

Do you have the same problem on all PC’s? And anywhere in NAV? I mean both data and “captions”?

If it’s ok in the data, but a problem in the captions, then my guess is that’s an update that went wrong. The Ø codepages may very easy be messed up this way.

For future reference - Finderups and Thomas suggestions was the solution for at least NAV 2016 CU11.

The problem arise when you develop on a system where the setting for programs that are not unicode aware is configured to the wrong language. For just the users with NAV clients it doesn’t matter what that setting is at least that was the result of my testing.

If you all ready got the problem then recompile the objects on a system where the language for non unicode programs are set correctly.

Thanks all for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Did you also change the other setting with “grænsefladesprog” ? :slight_smile: