Problem with Inventory Periodic

Hello, On most days I run the periodic activity for inventory. The last time when I was running “Post Inventory Cost to G/L” it stopped with the message “Select a Dimension Value Code for the Dimension Code Company for G/L Account 1600”. I went to the item card that was showing and it did not have the Dimension Code or Dimension Value Code filled in. I entered those fields and thought that would take care of the problem, but I still continue to get the same message when I run the periodic and the periodic then discontinues running. Account 1600 is our Inventory account in the g/l and it also has the dimension fields filled in. Is there any suggestion how I can correct this? Thanks for your help. Dan

Hi Dan You might want to get your NSC to help you here. My understanding is that by the time you come to post the “Post Inventory Cost to G/L” routine the Dimensions are already decided upon (any conflicts/priorities resolved etc) and are ready to post. I believe if you define GL accounts with required Dimensions and then process through items without Dimensions attached and these result in transactions hitting the accounts which require Dimensions you can get in a bit of a mess, as it is too late to change anything and you cannot successfully run the “Post Inventory Cost to G/L” routine. So Catch 22. However I have no experience in this or any skill to tell you where on earth to start looking, and the above is a memory of something I had previously read (I cannot find it!). So back to my first thought if no one else posts, speak to your NSC [:D]

Hi Dan Mr Weaver is correct when he says that the Dimension Values are already ‘fixed’ when the Post Inventory Cost to G/L report is run. It is possible to change the Dimension Values in the Value Entry table but you need to have a full developers licence, why you need the services of your NSC.

hI, Will changing the dimension value in value entry table suffice? Values from inventory module would also have gone to G/L entry table. If it is a purchase or a sales transaction then it would also have hit the vendor / customer ledger entry. Will that not give any conflict if only dimension values in value entry are posted?