Problem with INS Mode on a Form

I hope someone can help with this as I have been banging my head against it now for quite some hours without any hint of why this is happening. [:(!] Basically when I open a Card View form and try to tab between fields the No. field is highlighted and stays highlighted and the cursor disappears. I know that focus is moving on the form to the next field as in the message bar the next field and value is being displayed. Is there a parameter or something I am missing that controls the cursor? Also I have noticed that if I run the form in debug once the form is displayed tab works fine and focus moves between fields as per normal. The only thing I have noticed between when this works fine and when it doesn’t is that INS mode is on when it works and Blank when it doesn’t. Unfortunatly I can’t see anyway of switching on INS mode in code and what is switching this off in the first place. Just for reference I am using the NextControl but I have switched this off and am still getting the same results. Any ideas would be greatly greatly appreciated. Carl

Hi, Have you written any code in OnAfterGetRecord trigger? NextControl property can have ID of next control on which you want to shift focus.

Yes I have but I have also removed all code and subforms so the form is just opened without running any code and I still get the same problem. I was also thinking that is was something to do with the OnAfter Triggers but it doesn’t seem to be. I did notice though that if I select he Interaction Subform and then select a field back on the main contact card the INS mode returns correctly. Just to give some background into what I am trying to do. The form is based on the Standard Navision Contacts. Basically I have a couple of Sub forms one of which is an interaction table listing all Phone Calls, E-mails etc. If I go into a Contact Person Card I want the Interaction table to list only interactions for this person. If I go into a Contact Company Card I want the interactions to be listed for the whole company. This could be many people within a company. In the OnAfterGetRec trigger I am doing a SETRANGE(“No.”); In the OnAfterGetCurrRec trigger I am running the code below to enable the selection of records either for the person or company. IF TYPE = TYPE::COMPANY THEN BEGIN CurrForm.“Interaction Sublist”.FORM.CompanyFilter(“Company No.”); END; IF TYPE = TYPE::PERSON THEN BEGIN CurrForm.“Interaction Sublist”.FORM.PersonFilter(“No.”); END; Then in the Interaction Subform I am running the following Functions CompanyFilter RESET; //Clearing previous filters Setfilter(“Company No.”, CONT); CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE); PersonFilter RESET; //Clearing previous filters Setfilter(“Contact No.”, CONT); CurrForm.UPDATE(FALSE);

Just as a test I have also tried to create a new form again directly from a Contact card and this works fine using all of the same code from my previous form so it has got to be a property on the form but which one I have no idea. I wouldn’t mind recreating one single form but I have exactly the same problem on four seperate forms all with multiple tabs and pull down button functionality and it would take me days to recreate these again and time is not on my side at the moment.

At last!!! I worked it out and it only took me 10 hours. There seems to be a bug if you use the Form property MAXIMIZEDONOPEN. If this is set to yes then tab or arrow key control does not work correctly. I switched this off and everything is working fine again. It seems you have to use CAL Form.MAXIMIZEDONOPEN In the OPEN FORM Trigger. This was in 3.7 so I don’t know if this works correctly in other versions. [:D]