Problem with filter

Dear all, I have problem about filtering. for example, I have a form, one is Check form, another is Check line form. on Check form, if I have selected a company, let’s say " Company A". I go to Check line form, and I select check number, and I want there are only checks from Company A. I have filter from check line table, in table relation → table filter —> I filter Customer No. But sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Why? what should I do to solve this problem? Thank you very much Muryadi Lou Kashem Jakarta - The Safe & Hospitable City in the world[:)]

Is your table property DataPerCompany set to Yes or No? DjangMan

I set to Yes

Hmmmm. I’m not sure then. :frowning:

Hi Murry. If Check line form is a subform of Check form, you need to set up the relation on form level as well. Go to Subform/Property and set up as following: SubFormID: Check line form SubFormLink: Check line.Customer No=FIELD(Check.Customer No) There is an assist-edit button (…) to set it up on SubFormLink. Have a look Form 42 Sales Order. April

Thank you very much, Chen. I think it is in CommandButton, but in my case, I make in Lookup Mode, so there isn’t RunFormLink in Properties. But anyway…Thank you very much Regards, Murry Let’s save our Tropical Forest