Problem with Amount Rounding Precision after upgrade from NAV 2.6 => 2009 R2


I have a customer where errors have been made during the upgrade process from NAV 2.6 => NAV 2009 R2. The issue is related to Amount Rounding Precision. In NAV 2.6 I think that this field was set to 0 however ROUND(1/3) would return 0,33 so the precision would have been 0,01. During the upgrade process the value in Amount Rouinding Precision was by mistake set to 0,00001 and not 0,01.

The customer has been running the database for some weeks now without any issues. However today they received an error when trying to post a Receipt Journal for an invoice which was not in LCY.

Even though the total balance on the form displayed 0,00 the error balance error by 0,004. Report 2 displayed the same error.

For every foreign currency the Amount Rounding Precision is set to 0,01.

I’ve done some investigation on my own and some suggest to temporarly disable code in General Ledger Setup in order to force the Amount Rounding Precision to 0.01 but I’m reluctant to do so since I’m not 100% sure of the ramifications.

Does anyone had the same issue and what was the solution?

Hi Peter,

looks like the amount rounding precision was set to something else in 2.60. Can you look at the old database to be sure? The problem is: Whatever the rounding precision was, if it is set to a lower resolution now, you can experience the problem you described. From what the error message says (and what an analysis of the G/L entries will show) the amount rounding precision was 0,001 or even higher resolution. You could write a report to find out what value would be sufficient, the fastest way would be to have a look in the 2.60 DB.

with best regards