Problem with active BOM version for a new item

Hi there

I make a new BOM item, and after that define a BOM version for it and approve and active it. But software shows the error “there is no active BOM version for the item”.

I know that a way to get free from this error is removing the site of that BOM version or use Select or Select/Active method in setup tab of item.

Is there any other method that we could keep the site of BOM version and simoltaneously does not have the error?

Kind Regards

Hello HB,

While using the BOM version for any BOM item please check the date period between which the BOM version is active. If you will try to use the BOM version outside the active period you will get this error.

You are talking about the designer view I presume? The BOM is still active, it is just your view is not set, load a production order and see the BOM populate.

Just in case…