Problem using Security entry point Permissions from the Security Development Tool (invalid data container)

Good day guys,

I just configured a test enviroment for the Security Development Tool. I installed the tool by using the official instructions and the tool has been intergrated with AX. I can’t seem to enter the Security entry point Permissions (not in the client and not as add-in from the developer console).

When I try to enter the Security entry point Permissions I get a error message from AX stating ‘Invalid Data Container’. I did some research and I found that the form ‘Syssecentrypointmanager’ in the AOT is causing the container problem. I was wondering if somebody could help with this. The code part with the container is below:

Syssecentrypointmanager form
public void LoadSystemUserPermissions()
SecurityRole systemUserRole;
container permissionsContainer, permission;
int i;
SecurableType type;
str typeKey, securableName, securableChildName, objectKey;
AccessRight accessRight;
systemUserAccessRightsMap = new Map(Types::String, Types::Enum);
select firstOnly RecId from systemUserRole where systemUserRole.AotName == ‘SystemUser’;
permissionsContainer = SecurityUtil::GetRolePermissions(systemUserRole.RecId);
for (i = 1; i <= conLen(permissionsContainer); i++)
permission = conPeek(permissionsContainer, i);
type = conPeek(permission,2);
typeKey = SysSecEntryPointManager::GetTypeKeyForSecurableType(type);
securableName = conPeek(permission,1);
securableChildName = conPeek(permission,3);
accessRight = conPeek(permission,4);
objectKey = strFmt(’%1.%2.%3’, typeKey, strLwr(securableName), strLwr(securableChildName));
systemUserAccessRightsMap.insert(objectKey, accessRight);

Solved it, it was actually pretty easy. I compiled the form ‘Syssecentrypointmanager’ and ran a incremental CIL. Running the form right now.