Problem Using Demo Version


I have an MSDN subscription and I would like to learn more about dynamics.

I have downloaded and installed Dynamics Demo version from MSDN (English Ireland).

After some initial problems I have installed Dynamics 5.O including SQL express 2005, I later installed service pack 2 for sql express 2005.

I am running vista business on a VM.

I had problems with the license , but once I installed a new version of the license I was able to open the client side.

My problem is once I open the client side I presume I should be able to open the Demo Company.

But I am unable to open a company ( the option is not active)

Can someone tell me how to get started with the demo version ?

Where is the demo data is it in a sql server data base and how can I install it ?

Have I made a mistake in the installation , do I need more than the demo version and the client side ?

Can anyone suggest some documentation for using the demo version.

Thanks in advance

Hmm, we hope that you are referencing to NAV 5.0 -

When you started “Microsoft Dynamics NAV”, you need to go to the File menu and point to “Database”,“Open”. Click the dotted button in the “Database Name” field. Point to your client directory and find the “database.fdb” file. After you opened that one you can click “Database”,“Company”,“Open” and select the “CRONUS” (the only one you find).

When you started “SQL Server Option for …” then still open “File”,Database and click the button in the “Servername” field. You should find your computer there. Then you go to the database name field and also click the button in there. You should find the Demo-Database there.

If both does not succeed, did you perform a “full” installtion or client only? In this case of “Client Only” you do not have the demo databases installed .