Problem Selecting Original DateFormula using Excel VBA

I am using JetReports to generate most of my reports. For some of them, I am also using VBA and ADO

to get the result directly from SQL Server 2005 database and import it into Excel .

The problem I have been having with the latter is that if I need to get the value of a field that has DateFormula (1W / 2D etc.),

the result I get on Excel sheet is the numeric value and a weird box symbol. I have never had this kind of problem with JetReports.

My question is how to get the original DateFormula directly from SQL Server database using a select statement?


Can you post a sample of your code that brings in these results, and a copy of those weird results?

Also, Jet Report is a great tool, I presume you are unable to produce the report in that? They have a community support area which may help you.

cheers, Mark