Problem regarding Financial Transaction


My name is Mohamad, and I am financial employee of SGP Co.

I have a problem about one issue in Dynamics Ax.

In our production line we have one kind of mold for every line. And we have to change the mold after specific amount of production.

Now, my questions is that:

1:When we send the mold from warehouse to production line, how this financial transaction will be posted?

I mean where is this transactionexactly will be posted? For example in the General ledger or production module?

2:and the second question:

when we are going to make this model exit from the production line, how we can calculate this process in Cost of Goods Sold Account (COGS Account).

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.


Which version AX?

Is this already setup and you are looking for the transactions? Or you want to set it up?

Transactions are posted in production, you can see them there, and in GL.

The process cost would be calculated with each order, it would have to be.

Have you talked to your partner about this?