Problem opening of Demo Database.


I have been working on my Demo database since I’ve installed NAV in my PC. But recently I couldn’t use it. Whenever I try to open the demo database it shows the following message:

'The Demo Database database on the XXX server cannot be opened by this version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment. The database has already been converted by a newer version.

You must upgrade the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment to the latest version to open the database.’

Now I’ve installed a new database on my PC & through which I can work now. But I have some important coding stored in my previous ‘Demo Database’. Now, I can’t open the database at all. So, can anyone guide me to open my previous ‘Demo Database’. It’s very important.

Thank You,

Hi Rajat,

As the message show ‘The database has already been converted by a newer version’, so you need to know which version you has converted the database to (to check this, run Development Environment (the new version), if you can open database with no error message, it’s good to go) . Then just create a new instance (the new version) for the converted database and run it.


By doing it can I get the data & coding which have entered previously in my ‘Demo Database’. I’m a newbie in this field. So, can u please guide me through the step by step process??

Yes, The object ID will be same in new database also.

seems that the original database was opened and converted by a newer nav version in dev. env. check which nav versions you have installed on your pc. open the demo database with the newer version.

please always add tags to your questions: nav version, etc.