Problem on Deleting Change Log Entries

Hello to all, can anyone tell me how i can delete change log (Tab.405) entries ??? All Tries missed(pressing F4 or by Code), i´m alway get the error, that i haven´t enough permission to do that… But i have the SUPER-ROLE ? Also, if i tried to specify the permission to delete in the form “Change Log Entrie”, i can´t compile it ?? Any Solution ? I think after a few month, i don´t need them anymore. Thnx (Sorry about my funny english…[:D])

Hi, Have you checked General Ledger->Periodic Activities->“Delete Change Log Entries”?

Hi Ramon, Check out the license ! If you are using an end user license and not a developer license(as you are an end user), please check with your NSC as you may need to change if for 3.60. Cheers,

I think we have an end-user licence, but we also have the solution-developer and application builder licence. Is this table (405) specialy secured ???

Yep ! We had a similar problem for one of our clients and the change in license for 3.60 from the NTR did the trick. Please check out with your NSC/NTR.

The problem is for sure your licence. Navision do not let the right to ordinary users to delete data’s in some tables, often the “Entries tables”. It’s a “self-defense” for them and the Solution center.

This is not a license problem. From the Object Designer run Table 405. Although you think there are no entries, right click in the table then delete and choose yes to the message. And ofcourse remove the check in the Cahnge Log Activated. Regards, Marlon

This is not a developer issue, as Jaiswal says, there is a specific routine to delete these entries.