problem: NAS installation

Hi guys!

I get the following Error Message when I’m trying to start the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server NAV” Service (NAS):

"Could not start the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Server NAV service on Local Computer.

Error 1: Incorrect function."

The event viewer shows me the Error ID 104.

What ever this could be … :frowning:

I have already checked the security settings but they should be entered correctly.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best regards Thomas

When you configure NAS , it will prompt you the name of the service. Make sure that you put the name of the service correctly. And from Service, go to NAS service properties, and start manualy and see what happens.

It’s probably in the NAS settings, where the startup parameter is not correct. Other than that, it might be that the NASHandler function in codeunit 1 has the wrong ID, but since that is part of the standard app, that’s not very likely.

the snap in says the NAS is started but when i want to start the NAS via services i get the mentioned error message

and please describe the codeunit 1 thing, already tryed to find answers for that issue, but without any result :frowning:

Open codeunit 1 in design mode, open the globals screen, go to the Functions tab, scroll down to the NASHandler function and hit the properties window. The ID must be 99.

So in Services, you open the NAS service properties page, go to the logon tab and make sure that the right windows user is entered in there. In the snap in, make sure that all parameters are entered correctly, and save settings. Start the service from the services window, not the snapin, I’ve had some unexplained issues with that, where it would not start from the snapin but it would start from the services.

The easiest would be to just add the services to the snapin, so you can access it from the same app.

new problem … :frowning:

the eventviewer gives me the following error message:

“… The server does not exist in the ‘hosts’ file (TCP/IP error NO_DATA).”


  • Is the database server instance running on the same machine as the NAS ?

  • Is the machine name NAV resolvable via DNS (or hosts file) ? According to the error message, it’s not

  • Is the database server running ?

  • Are you using TCP or TCPS (nettype) for the database server ?

I would guess that either the DB server is not running or the NAV server is not resolving…Try using localhost as the database server name in the NAS setup (unless you need a deverted installation or multiple instances on different ports)

thank you todro for your help but i somehow got some logical understanding problems …

well I reinstalled the Navision Application Server service (NAS) and i was asked for the name of my NAV database server and the name of my SQL server, so i looked up the names in the services and i got the error message that i can’t take this names, because they are already taken (FOR SURE THEY ARE!), so here my question? why the hell do i have to create new server instances?!?!

and could anyone of you guys be so nice and send me the NAS documentation pdf file located at DVDROM:\Nas\Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Application Server.pd, because the one on my dvd seems to be damaged and I can’t open it :frowning: my E-Mail address:

and to answer your question todro: yes the db server instance is running on the same machine as the NAS and i updated the hosts file and entered the NAV entry

thanks for your help in advance

The PDF you are refering to is not a real PDF, that’s a Navision joke for years[:)]

You will find the NAS installation guide in the DOC directory, named w1w1atas.pdf

Let me check for an example…

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What you can do to try:

create 2 batch files, one for server, oner for NAS:


…\server50\server.exe Servername=NAVI50,database=C:\CSIDEClient50\database.fdb,nettype=TCP


…\NAS50\nas.exe appservername=NAS50,nettype=TCP,servername=localhost,startupparameter=NAS,company=“CRONUS 5.0”

Run server bat, then nas.bat, if this works, you mixed up something with the installation as services and names. Try using

…\NAS50\nas appservername=NAS50,nettype=TCP,servername=NAV,startupparameter=NAS,company=“CRONUS 5.0”

If this works, it’s not a problem of name resolving…

You misunderstood that part. When you install NAS from the product CD, it will install two NAS services. One is a NAS client for the native database server, and one is for SQL Server. The installer is not asking you for the names of the database server and the SQL Server, it is asking you for the names that you want to give to your NAS services.

The default is -CLASSIC and -SQL, but you can change it to anything you want. Of course when you go and enter the service name of services that already exist, it is going to scream at you.

You already have a manual, you just have to know where to look. It is on the product disc, in a folder called ‘Doc’. The file you are looking for is called ‘w1w1ATAS.pdf’ or something like that, the one with AS in the name. That document will also explain how to install additional NAS instances, and how to configure it properly.

tryed to do the following:

open cmd, change to the database server dir and tipped in:

server.exe Servername=NAVDB,database=“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client\database.fdb”,nettype=TCP

and I got the following error message:

"The program is unable to connect to the server’s process.

This is because the server is running as a service using a system account.
Please run the client using the network instead"


I’m working with my domain administrator login (it’s just a project, so i don’t really have to watch out for user rights and privacy and stuff …) and granted him the access to the database server, the 2nd database server which was installed during the NAS installation and acces to the NAS itself.

any suggestions?

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\Application Server>nas.exe appservername=NAS50,nettype=TCP,servername=localhost,startupparameter=NAS,company=“CRONUS 5.0”

1:55:52 PM: Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV version 5.00 (Build 24199)
1:55:52 PM: Copyright (c) 1987-2007 Microsoft Corporation
1:55:52 PM: -
1:55:53 PM: Company Name ‘CRONUS 5.0’ does not exist.
1:55:53 PM: The Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV NAS50 could not initialize properly.
1:55:53 PM: The server will attempt to initialize every 30 seconds until this is successful.
1:55:53 PM: -
1:56:23 PM: Company Name ‘CRONUS 5.0’ does not exist.

I really don’t where to start and what to do :frowning:

Company name is not CRONUS 5.0 check company name

WHAT is the company name? which one? :wink: the one from the navision registration?

File → Company → Open