Problem Migrating Gantt Chart to Ax 2009

Hello I try to migrate changes and forms I have created on Ax 4.0 to 2009 version. I have problems migrating forms that include GanttCharts probably becuase classed have been removed or changed in 2009. For example in the classdeclaration I get an error on the line

GanttList glist;

Does anyone know if Ganttlist is declared differently in the new version?

Hi there

We have the same problem as we have a few forms which use the gantt component.

It seems that there’s a significant change in DAX 2009 when it comes to the gantt component. Objects which we were using in DAX 4.0 no longer exist in DAX 2009 or have been dramatically changed.

I’ve been trying to get some help on how to work this around but nothing!

Is there anyone who can give us a bit of guidance there??

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


The Gantt charts have been redesigned for AX2009, they have different settings and controls and are a great improvement on 4.0. I cannot comment from a technical perspective however, but I guess the redesign will affect anything you are doing.