Problem installing Role-Tailored client

I just installed the server and sql server tiers of a three-tier solution. I have run the NAV 2009 Best Practices Analyzer and that came back clean. I am running both the sql server and Nav Server via Local System. I have setup kerberos delegation on the active directory server. I have setup the OCL on the sql server for the demo database. Both servers and the RTC machine are part of the same AD domain.

After installing the RTC and trying to start it, I receive: “The program could not create a connection to the server. Do you want to try again?”

After clicking no, it gives me the opportunity to enter a server address. I have tried: for which it responds:

A server was not found at "net.tcp:// Either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available.

I tried just entering the server name as fs1:7046/DynamicsNav and got:

The following ODBC error occurred: Error [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Cannot generate SSPI context State ID: HY000

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks very much.



Go to control panel->Administrative Tools->Services and check the below mentioned services are available and both the services has been started

1.Microsoft Dynamics NAV server

2.Microsoft Dynamics NAV business Web Services

if not available then install the service tier (Available in Navision Installation DVD);

If the services are available and started then go to the Dynamics Navision installed folder->Service folder there youi can find custom settings file

open it as a text document and edit it as follows

Port No:7047

Server Name:system Name [On which Microsoft Dynamics NAV server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV business Web Services are running**]**

Databse name:your sql database name

OR Else

Remove your RTC and reinstall Amid of the installation it ill ask you port no and Database name and server name[Give correct names and port no]


Jerome Marshal.J

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Jerome Marshal.J

Are you saying that I have to have web services running in order to user DynamicsNav? Right now web services are set to false in the custom config file and that service is not running.

Not Web Services,If you install the Service tier the below two services will be automatically added to your system services. so that the server is the system name of the service running machine.


Jerome Marshal.J

please kindly teach how to connect step by step the role tailored to mssql

i tried what you said but still i can’t successfully connect to our SQL server.

Follow the link