Problem Installing Downloaded 4.0 on XP

Hi folks… I have downloaded the 4.0 client from MSDN and am trying to install on my XP system. Both CDs look good; both are browseable. However, the installation app isn’t able to see disk2 after it has prompted for it. It chugs along copying files from disk1, then prompts for disk2. After I insert disk2 it keeps prompting for it, not recognizing that it’s in the drive. I have downloaded disk2 twice and burned it several times, all with the same result. I have uninserted, reinserted, etc. in every order I can think of. Has anyone else run into this and is there a workaround? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Chandler

Humm, lucky guess: try copying the content of both CD’s into the same folder in your HDD and running the setup again. Who knows? [:p]

Hi Chandler, If I remeber correct, the UK 2 cd set only has a DB on the second cd. Try installing Navision and choose custom. During this option choose not to install a demo database and it wont ask for cd2. all you need to do then is to copy the db from cd2 and that should sort it:)

I had the same problem and just picked “skip file” for the database.fbk, database.fdb and what looked like an access database file with an mdb extension. After the installation completed, I just copied those three files from Disk2 to the client directory and life was zer gut. [^]

Thanks guys! Funny how the simple solution has a way of eluding me sometimes… Chandler

When you burned the second CD, did you label it ‘DISK2’ (without the quotes)? I think this is the magic cookie that the install routine is looking for.