Problem in Table relation property?

Hi all,

I have two tables A(50004) ,B(50005). A is table like ProductGroups/ItemCategory/Items with columns code(code,10),Name(text,30)). B is child able like SalesLine with column SKU(code,20) , LineNo(integer) , code(code,10),Name(text,250)). I want to popup list of A table values when i click on code field of B table. so , i configured ‘A’ table in B table ‘TableRelation’ property of column ‘code’ after that when i click on B table column code then i can’t able to see any popup list of A table values but when i configured Item/Currency/ProductGroup table in B table ‘TableRelation’ property of column code then popup list is working fine.

please give me suggestion why table-relation property is not working when i assign it my user table value.

Thanks Surajit

Hi Surajit,

Without a bit more details then it’s difficult to understand your problem.

And I can’t even see if you got the basics correct.

The basics here is that the field you are looking up is part of the tables primary table. So when you want to use table A to lookup values in, then the code field should be defined as your primary key. And the fields must be code 10 in both tables.

Next you need to make sure that your table has a default form/page to use for lookup. That’s the LookupFormID property on the table.

Hi Surajit,

First of all have you created the form for the table A? If not create it if yes, look for the "lookup form ID " property of the table. you must provide the form no. you have created for that particular table.

Hi Erik P. Ernst,

I have done it. Thanks for the reply.




I have done it. Thanks for the reply.




I have created a table “Project Assignment” and it consists one field called “Project Code”- data type -code and length 20.Again I hve created another table "Project Assignment Header"which is also containing a field called “Project code” with same data type and length and for “Project Code” field ,table relation is used tha is “Project Assignment” …Primary keys for both table is “Project Code”.

Now in 2nd table I am not getting poop up from look up button that is not showing the 1st table.

please advise .



with addition with mah 1st post …please note if I use any other table name for table relation its working nicely …:slight_smile: