Problem in sum calculating inside 2013 report

Hi everyone,

I have a report to upgrade from nav 2009 to NAV 2013.
The report consists of two data items: Date(parent) and GL/Entry.
The following code was in the OnPreSection of a group footer related to GL/Entry dataitem in the Classic report (grouped by GL Account No.):

IF (("Debit Amount" - "Credit Amount") > 0) THEN
DebitG2 := DebitG2 + ("Debit Amount" - "Credit Amount")

CreditG2:= CreditG2 + ("Debit Amount" - "Credit Amount");


I inserted the same code in the OnAfterGetRecord trigger of the GL/Entry dataitem in my 2013 report …but it isn’t behaving as expected (like in 2009)…It is just returning the sum of “Debit Amount” in DebitG2 and the sum of “Credit Amount” in Credit G2.

I don’t understand why is that…
What shall I do?


I guess you want to show Group Total of credit and debit difference, As per your code you are trying to create running total of two variables at OnPreSection() (In NAV2009) and clearing those variable at OnPreSection() of Group Header. But in 2013 we do not have section triggers so we cannot clear those variables when new group begins. so you have to handle this in visual studio side.Design your report and write a expression to find difference and sum the difference

To Find Difference

=iif((Fields!DrAmt.Value - Fields!CrAmt.Value) > 0,(Fields!DrAmt.Value-Fields!CrAmt.Value),"")

To Sum The Difference

=sum(iif((Fields!DrAmt.Value - Fields!CrAmt.Value) > 0,(Fields!DrAmt.Value-Fields!CrAmt.Value),""))

i have created a simple report to achieve this please have a look at it

8765.CrDrDiffSum.bmp (1.05 MB)