Problem in running batch jobs at SSRS report

Hi All,

Pls tell me how to solve this…


Thanks in Advance…

Please add the description of your problem: what did you do when you got this error, whether it’s related to just a single report, whether it worked before, what has changed and so on. Just the usual stuff that should be included every time…

Regarding the error itself, it says that some code tries to call SRSReportRrun.itemExists() in CIL, which isn’t a valid thing to do. The method must run on client, but there is no CIL on client and the batch server doesn’t use any client either.

private static client boolean itemExists(str _itemPath)
    boolean value = false;
    SRSProxy srsProxy;

    if (strLen(_itemPath) > 0)
        srsProxy = SRSProxy::construct();
        value = srsProxy.itemExists(_itemPath);

    return value;

Hi Martin,

In Sales and Marketing module we have to run the SSRS Report … In Normal process the Report is Running Successfully .We had no issue on it .Bot While go the Batch job Process it shows the error which listed above . In itenExist() method it shows the above listed error.The Code is attached below in item Exist…Kindly Check it .

I already explained why this method can’t be called from CIL. If you need a more concrete advice, please give us more information about your particular situation.