Problem in Pre-synchronize data upgrade cockpit

Hi All, Greetings! I’m trying to upgrade Service Pack 4.0 over a 3.0SP1 installation. I’m using the same application and same database which I had been using for Axapta 3.0SP1…There are lot of customizations in usr layer… In the checklists, after compile and license info, there’s data clean up. I skipped data-clean up becoz i think pre-synchronize data upgrade will do it for me. But the problem is whenever i click on pre-synchronize link (data upgrade cockpit) appears, but happens to do nothing for hours together…I tried clicking the “Processing” button which shows me this error… Error executing code: object not initialized. Stack trace: \Classes<unknown>\setAnimateExecuting \Classes\BatchRun\runJob - line 22 \Classes\BatchRun\do - line 54 \Forms\BatchRun\Methods\doBatch - line 6 \Forms\BatchRun\Methods\setStart - line 7 \Forms\BatchRun\Methods\setRunning - line 6 \Classes\BatchRun\run - line 26 \Classes\ReleaseUpdateCockpit\runBatchSession - line 10 \Classes\FormFunctionButtonControl\Clicked - line 5 Anyone out there, can you please let me know where im wrong in my upgradation process? Why I’m getting this error? I tried re-installing SP4 but still the same problem…Any suggestions/respone welcome… Thanks in advance for your time Regards, Dilip

Hi Dilip, First of all, my suggestion with the upgrades is to remove all the customizations (export them as .xpo), then upgrade on a clean axapta (it will work just fine, i done this very many times) then import the customizations and manually upgrade them using the Compare tool provided in the import function. This is the best way to upgrade customizations that we’ve found yet, as axapta is not able to automatically upgrade those. Please let me know if you have other questions. Best wishes, Ciprian

Ciprian, Here Axapta is being used since last 3 years and i’m working here since last 10 months…There are around 40 programmers working across different sites and I don’t have a track of what customizations they have done, because developments done here are in an ad-hoc manner, if it was in a structured manner, then as u have said i could have easily exported the projects in an .xpo file and then installed service pack and then re-import it…But this is not that feasible i think because there are enormous customizations done… For time being, I have got rid of Pre-synchronize error by: 1. Installing a fresh application with latest service pack with a fresh db. 2. Since the customizations are done at usr layer, i copied the usr.aod (layer) from the previous application and then tried connecting to the simulated copy of prod database on test machine. 3. The database is huge (37 GB), so taking a lot of time for the real synchronization process. (3-4 hours have passed and the sync not yet completed.) I’m just wondering whether my approach of copying the usr.aod and other index files(.ali,.alc) from the previous application(3.0 Sp1) to the fresh one (3.0 sp4) will do the upgradation properly? Please let me know if anyone has more details about the upgradation process and the steps to be followed between sp1 and sp4. TIA Regards, Dilip

Update: I got another machine where i started the upgrade all over again, that is first i installed Service Pack4 over my existing app(3.0SP1) and religiously followed the steps in upgrade list. This time it gave me a strange error in Pre-synchronize part in ReleaseUpdateItem Class. Actually, there’s a status variable declared which is type of ReleaseUpdateStatus Enum and coincidentally we had a user-defined Status enum in our app…I removed the user-defined one and the error disappeared…I think they were conflicting with each other… Now to main Part, I completed successfully: 1.Presynchronize 2. Synchronize both steps finished successfully, now stuck at the 3rd step, post-synchronize…It takes a long time say 5-6 hours and the CPU is peak at that time [95%utilization] but at the end, it gives me connection broken even when SQL Server is running fine.[V] I changed the recovery model of my db to simple becoz otherwise it was filling up my tlog space, and again tried but somehow im not able to get through the post-synchronize step…in the documentation, i have seen that it says that you have to run clients parallely but for testing purpose, everything is on one machine (app,client and database)…Database is around 38 GB…WOuld this be causing a lot of time to upgrade? Can anyone tell me about the post-synchronization part? Why taking soo long time? Thanks in advance for any help in this area… Regards, Dilip

Update: I applied hotfix HF30SP4_011 and then followed the upgradation steps. This time, it took around 8-10 hrs for post-synchronize step, but completed succesfully. I believe initially the problem i faced was because of 2 jobs i.e.updateInventTransIdReferenceLot() and updateInventTransIdReturn() which Microsoft has asked to run separately after applying the hotfix. There’s another hotfix for that HF30SP4_03 Thanks and Regards, Dilip