Problem in Fetching Value from another table

Hi Experts,

I created a new table “Purchase Requisition” and in that there are two fields which are correlated they Department Code and Department Description those fields are fetching from same table Dimension Value.

  1. I am fetching Value of Department Code field from Dimension Value "Code " only where Dimension = Verticals and Department Code value is fetching properly there is not any problem.

2.But when i tried for fetching for “Department Description” which should be same name of the “Department Code” but its not coming i also tried Flow Field to get this value but Flow filed is displaying value when i close the table or refreshing navision please guide me.

How did you fetch the Department Code?

Can you show us the code?

I am fetching Departement code through set the following property in table relation

“Dimension Value”.Code WHERE (Dimension Code=FILTER(=VERTICALS))

My problem is that i couldn’t getting the value from “Department Description” when i select “Department Code”…

So do you select from Lookup in Departement code?

Yes i can select Department Code from LookUp

Then write code on “Department Code” validate trigger

CALCFIELDS(“Department Description”);


Its working thanks a lot for Help Have Nice Day [;)]

Welcome [:)]