problem in cst setup


I have a problem with CST Setup.

I will explain the setups what i have made.

  1. I have created one form code as " C Form"

  2. I have created two states “AP” Which is my company location and “WB” which is my Vendor’s Location. also i have setup all the accounts in states form.

  3. I have created one tax group code.

  4. In tax Jurisdiction i have created AP CST,AP VAT and WB CST , WB VAT and i have set up all the accounts for that.

  5. In Tax Details i have created AP CST with C Form, AP CST without C Form , AP VAT and WB CST with C Form,WB CST without C Form , WB VAT. Also i Dint check mark Capital and creditable goods for CST.

  6. I din’t create any Tax Area and For Tax Area Location I have selected Vendor as Type and selected my warehouse location which is in AP and selected Vendor location as WB and Tax area code as CST WB.

  7. I have created C Forms numbering from 1 to 1000 also.

Next i have attached WB as location in vendor card.

And item group code in item card

I have created a purchase order with structure selected in which i selected type as sales tax.

Also in tax info i checked C Form and gave form name and number

Next i click functions—> Calculate structure values and released and posted.

But the cst values are not coming in the invoice

Kindly tell me where i am wrong thank u

You need to link Tax Area with Tax Jurisdiction.