Problem in creation of NAV server instance

I currently have both NAV 2009 and 2013 installed on my system.When I am trying to create a server instance through NAV Administration tool it is showing an error message that the tool is not compatible with Version 6 of navision or earlier ,it can only create instance of NAV 7 or higher version.Can this problem be resolved because I need both of the nav versions on my system.Please help.

If you have installed both versions then you already have default instances for both NAV6 and NAV7.

do you still want to create new instances?

I need to add an instance as when I am trying to run any rdlc report or any page this error message is shown **‘the program could not create a connection to the server …’.**Besides I have restored .mdf file to ms sql server and when I am trying to access that database from NAV 2009 R2 this error message is shown 'server does not exist in the host files(TCP_IP Error or no data)’.

Do you already have any instance for NAV2009R2 or not?

You can check in Services…

yes,I have a default instance for nav 2009 r2,but its status is ‘stopped’ and when I am trying to start the instance the above mentioned error of version incompatibility is showing up.

You need to run it from Services not from Administration tool…

You can find services under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools

When I am trying to start the service through running services.msc command,a message is displayed like’the service is started and then stopped…’

You can always search with error…


  1. Admin tools are not backward compatible, and at least I could not make them work all 3 in parallel (I’ve 2009r2, 2013 and 2013r2 on single test server, on which all three tiers for each version are running) In my case now only 2013r2 AdminTool works with it’s respective version services management, both older versions can be managed only by editing config files manually. It’s boring and clumsy, but it can be done.

  2. Did you change the ports when installing second version --whichever it was-- on the same PC? These must be different (although I saw a solution in some blog recently how to make it possible sharing the same ports, if I find it again, I’ll post the link later)

added 3. for less pain I even created a separate MSSQL instance for each version, main reason - license is stored in DB…

ATTENTION EndUsers! The above is not intended for use in PRODUCTION environment! Normally each tier runs on a separate box.

Thanks for your reply Modris.Now,our IT help desk team is taking care of the issue.I hope they will come up with a solution.But can you give any suggestion regarding solving another error that I have specified in my previous post i.e while trying to access a ms sql server database from Navision 2009 R2,I am getting an error that says 'server does not exist in the host files(TCP_IP Error or no data)’ ?

Found that blog entry, here’s the link:

NAV 2013, NAV 2009 R2, NAV 2009 SP1 & NAV 2009 on Same Machine with Same Ports