Problem during Navision application running

I are facing some operational problem in Navision as mentioned under: 1. It takes unnecessarily very long time to enter into the database. 2. Navision is getting hang in operations like search, certifying production BOMS, copying data to Excel, taking elaborate reports etc. 3. At times it so happens that it takes very long to move from one column to another in forms,or from one interface to another,and also posting sales & purchase invoices. This occurs mostly in our branch office. It is relevant to mention here that the same operation which takes longer time in one PC takes less time in another. We are noticing this problem for the last few months and we have already got our hardwares and network checked but the same could not be rectified. Currently Navision is installed in IBM Netfinity 5500 Server having 4.5x6 GB, 640MB RAM, P II 450Mhz,. This is a dedicated server for Navision. Please give some valuable response.

Hi, 1.) - if you are the first user who connects, the server fills his caches first. - if there is a longer period of unuse of server then the cache will be paged by OS - if the filling of database is over 80% then all actions will be slowy 2.) - try copying with reduced number of colums and rows by filtering, in most cases my user described a ‘hang of navision’ they only checked the size of data wrong. 3.) - your server is to slow Questions : How many user ? Which cachesize ? Raid-Structure of Disks ? Where is the Pagefile located ? What network ?


Originally posted by Himadri Paul
IThis occurs mostly in our branch office.

The relevant bits are always hidden. How is the branch office connecting, is this through Citrix, Terminal Server, or through a WAN?