Privilege name for Retrieving journal

dear all, I need to set permission to privilege for the item in the following path “General ledger, click Journals, click General journal>Line>Period Journal>Retrieving journal” what is the privilege name as I searched for it with no cigar?

It is doesn’t have menu item and it is a form control with needed permission set to Manual.
Have a look at the privileges that using the LedgerJournalTransDaily and look for the ButtonCopyPeriodic
Example - \Security\Privileges\LedgerJournalTableMaintain\Permissions\Forms\LedgerJournalTransDaily\ButtonCopyPeriodic

Thank you kranthi, your answer was helpfull, I do appreciate your help

Glad that it helped you. In future when you create a post, please provide a proper title/subject instead of having everything in it.