Printing wrong information

When we print multiple Sales orders at once the information gets mixed up, for example the phone number on sales order 1 ends up on sales order 2 and the address for sales order 2 ends up on Sales order 3 and things like that, Now if we print any of the sales orders separately they print fine.

Hi Kyle,

My guess is that you’ve got a bit of an oversight going on in code. Most of the address controls for these reports are populated into array elements prior to printing. What’s most likely happening (or not happening, actually) is that these array variables need to be blanked and reset after each invoice prints. That way, the next invoice won’t ‘inherit’ data from the previous invoice.

Just a thought.

I was thinking that too but the only thing that makes me not say that is that this just started within the past week and nothing has changed

Yes, everyone always says that nothing has changed, but, if this condition has only recently begun, then something has recently changed. Either it’s a data condition that causes differential code execution, or it’s a situation that only presents with certain runtime conditions that are only now being put in place, or even, possibly, some code has changed somewhere.

I think you’re going to have to get into the code for this report, and maybe even need to run the debugger. It’s one of the only ways you’ll see what’s going on.