Printing via Job Queue Server Printers - NAV 2016

Hi Folks -

I am continuing my previous issue which I posted few days ago, our customer have Microsoft NAV server installed on SQL box and our customers IT person has installed the printer on the SQL box and made the printer as default printer. Still it does not show on the list of printers when they try to schedule the report to print. What is being missed out. They have SQL server 2012. What is being missed out, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Regards RJ.



Have you tried to log into the server with the service user which is running the NAV server? You need to make sure that this user has permissions to the printer.

Hi Erik - It is the ADMINISTRATOR who is setting up the Job queue to print and ADMINISTRATOR does have permission to the printer as he is the one who installed the printer on the SQL box and has full access. What I don’t understand is in spite of installing the printer on the NAV server why it does not show on Printer name when you schedule the report. I did do a gotomeeting with the ADMINISTRATOR and even under his login the only printer that shows is the Microsoft XPS document writer. Is there any mapping that needs to be done to show the printer in Nav. I tried to edit the printer table to see if I can add it but the Printer table is read only. I am not sure what could be causing this.

Many…Many Thanks for your help.



Hi Erik -

I tried another way to test it out. In the printer selection table I created a record with userid ADMINISTRATOR and added the report no. and the correct printer name. I also created a new report 50214 and put the below code and in the Job queue entries I scheduled this new report 50214. Job runs just fine without any errors and in the Job queue log entries it shows Status = Success but the report is not printed to the printer specified in the Printer selection table. Is there anything else that needs to be done. Any…any help is truly appreciated.

Report 50214

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