Printing to a barcode printer

We use Navision within a citrix server configuration. For printing to barcode printers we create from navision text files with then we copy with a batch-programm to the printer. For initialising and give the handshake that the printer prints the label we use two sepparate batch programms. An printjob starts with the init job, then label 1, handshake, label 2, handshake etc. Every single step is an own batch job. When more users print to there own labelprinter you got the problem that the sessio hangs thru the lot off dos boxes. My question is the following: How Can I copy these text files to the printer port LPT1 from navision without using a batch file. Because the special charaters that are used in the init string and handshake string are changed when I let the create by Navision. So I need the two text files. Can some one give me a hint ho I can copy a text-file to a lpt1: port from navision. Pascal

try to use lpt1 as standard file, e.g like a plain txt-file. open it, write data to it and close it.