Printing through 90 degrees

In reports Textboxes / controls etc are horizontal when designed / printed. Is there a way to have the print job rotated through 90 degrees when it prints. In Navision I’ve designed a label which is 3 cm wide by 8 cm deep. But the customer wants to print it on stationery that is 8 cm wide x 3 cms deep. Can I do it in Navision with standard network printers. Or do I need a specialised printing solution ? Or do I just get some new label stationery [8D]

As far as I know you cannot rotate controls on reports, sadly. Of course, if this is possible, I am also interested. If you want to want to change the orientation of all controls, maybe you can setup a landscape report instead of portrait.

Why not use Landscape ?[:D]

I think there are solutions out there that create bmp’s for barcode labels at runtime that you could use. I have no experience with this myself, but I have seen the labels with vertical barcodes, so it should be possible to do that with regular letters as well.

Here’s a link for a program that can create rotated images: