Printing production order in ax 2012

Can i print production order in AX 2012 of a planning item and its co-products being produced.

I am dis-manufacturing an item into its co-products using a planning item. Planning item have four co-products attached to it and a couple of formula lines. I will create a batch order for the planning item and start it. I want to print the batch order, so that i can check what items are being consumed and what co-products will be produced.

Are the standard print options on release available to you during these steps?

Standard print option merely prints a line of the batch order as shown below.

No print option is available that shows what are the formula items of this production and what finished good(s) will be produced. I could find a report named production overview that shows what item is being used for production and its quantity etc. In my case i am using planning item, so its information is not useful to me. What i want that it shall show formula line of planning item i.e. raw-material that will be consumed and co-products that will be produced.

Any idea, if such report is availabel in AX or shall we need to customize to have such report.

Regards, Faisal

On the release of the production order you have the job card etc., then at start if you produce a pick list you can print this, there is also the report from the main screen called cost estimates and costings which will show you detail on what is required.

Thanks Adam for your kind suggestions. Just to elaborate my case, so that you may suggest accordingly:

I am trying dis-manufacturing scenario of a chicken using planning item. I have raw-material (consumable item) and co-products that are produced during the manufacturing process. I have not defined jobs for the process, can you tell shall i define jobs, if yes why?

According to your suggest:

  1. If i print pick list… it only list chicken i.e. raw-material consumed during process.
  2. On the other hand, cost and estimate report shows qty and costing details of raw-material, resources and surcharge details and NOT CO-PRODUCTS being produced. Can you please guide, shall this report show Co-products as well. If yes, what i am missing or should configure to have the results?

Regards, Faisal

Then I suggest you design the report yourself because MS have yet to catch up with the requirements of co-products in a dis-assembled scenario. There is probably nothing that gives you exactly what you want out of the box.