Printing on the Server in Axapta 3.0

Does anyone have any knowledge of where print processing is done if printing is set up on the AOS to a network printer (i.e. not attached to the AOS but to another print server)? Scenario: client printing is allowed in the AOS configuration and the client configuration is set to print on server and the report is set to run on the server, but there is no printer attached to the server - the printer definition points to a network printer. Please let me know if this has been answered already (just point me to the answer !).

Hi I’d say: a client can print on every printer that is available in his printer settings. Plus: if the “Print on Server” flag is activated on the client config, the client can also print on any printer that is available at the AOS printer settings. The “RunOn” property for reports has not really anything to do with it. It merely says where the layouting work, data processing etc. will take place.


I work in AX 2009. I’m having the same issue the one you wrote about here.

Basically Im trying to print Sales order invoice printing as Batch processing.

I have set printer checks both in client and sever config utilities.

When I’m trying to send Email of my Sales Order Invoice (Post Invoice) as
batch Im getting the same error,

“Method ‘send’ in COM object of class ‘CDO.Message’ returned error code
0x80040211 () which means: .”

When I manually Post the Invoice, I could able to send email. But as a batch
server (AOS) which runs on same machine, it gave the error

Could you please assist me in this regards