Printing notes

Hi all,

How can I prevent the printing of attached notes weither in Sales or in Purches .

I’ve added a check box to Docuref Table, i’d like to print the note only if that check box is thicked.

Thank you in advance.

You have a setup which does this.

In AP → Setup → Forms → Form Setup → Purchase order tab → Include document on sheets to None

In AR → Setup → Forms → Form Setup → Confirmation tab → IInclude document on sheets to None

In AX 2012 the setup will be available in Procurement.

Kranthi, first of all, Thank you for your prompt reply,

I’ve added a checkBox in DocuRef table : Sales Order

I select a sale Order, I go to Attachement then I create a simple note, If I thick the check Box, the note will be printed in the invoice. otherwise nothing to be done.

Thank you.

You can extend the existing implementation, which i have explained earlier.

You could have used the inbuilt internal and external differentiation which is out of the box.

Thank you guys !!