Printing Multiple Labels

I am going to be printing labels using data from Navision. There are several (50 or so; might get down to 20) formats of the labels. It is not possible to create a Navision report for each label, as there are to many. If someone has done this, I would appreciate some tips on getting the data from Navision to the label printer in the correct format.

For a dumb and simple solution (one that even I can understand), I might create a Report Section for each format. I would put the entire label within the section (in each case). This could be a one up, two up, three up (or whatever) format. Then I would condition each section with a statement something like IF LabelType = 27 {where 27 represents the ID # for this label format} THEN CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT := TRUE ELSE CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT := FALSE; In the calling of the report, I would have the user choose the label format they wanted (in as user-friendly fashion as possible), assigning a number to their choice (i.e. the variable LabelType referenced above).

If your printer supports it, you may be able to write text files with printer scripting for the labels, then submit the job or copy the file to the printer port. Zebra or Sato printers are capable of such scripting. It tends to be faster, but you’ll have to learn a proprietary markup. Brad

You could also send the data to a CSV file and use a Word mail merge document - you’d still need one document template per label format, however. Django

Already though about using Dave’s suggestion. The problem is the 50 or so formats. The report would get way too cumbersome. We have another report made in this fashion, and it is so large and messy that it can’t even be editted any more. I’ll try CSV file. I already know I have to save all the label formats.

If the formats are simple, I don’t think the approach I suggested would be any more cumbersome than any other approach. If the label formats are moderately complicated, then an interface to Excel or Word might be OK, but I think your maintenance function wouldn’t be appreciatively easier. If the label formats are quite varied and complicated, I would consider useing and interfacing to a third party label design and printing package. Such packages can provide an easy-to-use label format and design tool, will have the ability to interface with a wide variety of printers, some will handle a variety of barcodes, some provide a variety of standard label ‘templates to use as starting points, and many provide a "label layout library’ function to help you handle a volume of formats. Plus new formats can be created by non-programmer users. One such package is created by Avery, others are available from distributors such as ScanSource and others.