Printing multiple copies

I have a computer with Win Vista and I am using NAV 5.0. When I print any report out of Navision and choose to print multiple copies I get multiples of what I chose. For example, if I choose to print 2 copies the printer prints 4 copies, if I choose to print 3 copies the printer prints 9 copies, and so forth and so on. On a computer with Win XP and NAV 5.0 printing multiple copies works as expected. I have duplicated this on two different Vista machines and two different user accounts. All tests on the Vista and XP machines were made on the same printer and to other printers just to make sure it wasn’t something with the printer’s setup. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks.

Usually when you print a report there is tab named Options. Confirm if No. Copies are set to zero.

Thank you for your reply.

On the Options tab, the No. Copies is set to zero.

Have you tried to reinstall printer driver in that computer?
Did you deleted ZUP file?

Here is what I have done so far:

  1. Verified issue on user’s machine.

  2. Tried printing to another printer that has a different driver, same results.

  3. Tried to duplicate issue on my WinXP machine printing to the same printers. This printed as expected.

  4. Installed Navision on another computer with Win Vista, logged in with my account and it prints multiples as described above.

  5. Just deleted the user’s ZUP file and printed to two different printer with the same results.

Windows Vista seems to be the only variable that I can’t rule out. Thank you for working with me on this. If you have anything else you would suggest trying please let me know.

Just found the same error.

Was there ever a solution?


OK, we are having a very similar issue when printing from any PC using Windows 7 - 64 bit. I we want to print any report out of Navision 5.0, and we choose to print 2 copies it prints 4, if 3 it prints 6, if 4 it prints 8 BUT if 1 it prints 1. We just found out that this happens only with this version of Windows, we tryied XP, and & 32 bits using same printers, same reports, and works fine.

Some reports have options tab, some don’t. All same issue.

Any suggestions/solution ?


There a Hot fix here you can look at:

Double quantities of copies are printed when you print a Microsoft Dynamics NAV report on a computer that is running Windows Vista

This is for ver 4 but I believe it’s available for 5.0 and included in 5Sp1