Printers On Terminal Server

How do you setup local printers on Terminal Server Client ?

you must install in the User Profil the local Printer for every singel user ! ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert System Engineer EMail:

you can set the clientsettings to connect local printers. works in Metaframe 1.8 German

Use UniPrint. Regards, Floyd Chan FutureLink Canada Corp.

In my experience: a) The user uses one printer. Then it works automatically, if you have got Metaframe to autocreate the printer. It is not a Navision issue. b) The user has got two or more printers. The printers have to be set up manually. First verify that the client printers are auto-created by metaframe. Second shadow the clients desktop session and make the printer set up in Navision. The cool thing is that you can NOT set up a user’s printers from another PC, because of different printer names, NE numbers etc. You have to do it from the users session. If you havent installed the mod to CU 1 (at least in version 2.01B) no printer set up will be persistent. Parentesis: I installed the mod to CU 1. No one could print, if he/she didn’t have a printer positively set up. Then I made an exeption in CU 1 for users that doesn’t have a printer set up record. Ande it works pretty good. In NT 4 it is excellent, in Win 95 you can expect some problems (user in Holland gets her print out in Denmark etc.). Let’s take you problems step by step, and we’ll solve it. Pelle