print word / without top-buttom margin

Please Nav Community , could someone help ,I’am adjusting report in NAV 2016 and I have one object with RDLC built , with "word print " functionnality , data is displayed in paper header and footer , even adjusting margin report properties nothing is changed.

With "PDF print " functionality, it’s going well.

Thanks a lot

Hi Taha,

Not quite sure what your question or problem is. You say its a a report with RDLC but talk about word print? Using Word layouts? or SAVEASWORD?

Is it a standard or a custom report?

Hi Erik ,

Many thanks for your reply,

Just when I save as word , the report is using RDLC built , the issue is in the custom and standard report.

You can get follow a complicated procedure, but i would suggest you to copy the text from the header and footer and paste it in a fresh document page. Else you can just disable the footer and header

Thanks a lot for your reply ,

Please could you provide more detail , just for remark it’s that a commun issue for all the community that saving in word is not considering margins parameters ?

Ok then that’s what you get! No way to change it (except maybe some extreme work around).

Using the function to save to word is like running the SAVEASWORD command.

And the SAVEASWORD are generally just as useless as SAVEASHTML or for that matter SAVEASEXCEL. It tries to save it as a file in that format as good as it can, but it almost never look the same as the original report.

If you need a report which you can save to Word and be able to control stuff like headers/footers etc., then the only way is to create a specific Word Layout for your report. You are using NAV 2016, which was the version this feature was introduced (or was it NAV 2015).

Many thanks Erik ,

Your explanation is very intersting and logic , it will be a needful post for a lot people going from Nav 2009 to Nav 2016 ,after many research I was thinking same and I would like to confirm my inderstanding,

Thanks a lot again Erik , it’s pleasant thing your sharing and help,