Print Two Reports on one Page

[:(]Hi guys, I have problem in Print Two reports on one page, I have a paper size in 8.5 X 11 Inch, and I want this paper can contain two report because I make a Receipt that only used half of paper. Thank You very much[:(]

It is a question of report design. To change this, yo should look for report data item properties NewPagePerRecord(or NewPagePerGroup). Anu

Muryadi; I am trying to understand your issue correctly. Do you want 2 reciepts on a page?, or 1 receipt on a page - and you only need half the page for the receipt? How many reciepts at a time do you print? I mean does someone come in, buy something and you give them a receipt or do you have several to print at one time? Either way, the solution is relatively easy, but I need more info. By the way, aren’t computer’s great? You are from Indonesia, Ani from Estonia replies and now me from San Diego? Fantastic![:D][8D]

Sorry, Anu I meant to say Anu from Estonia.[:)]

For Michael → I mean, I need to print on 8.5 X 5.5 inch, in other hand I only have paper size = 8.5 X 11 inch in Report Properties. So, I must print on that size ( 8.5 X 11 inch), that mean on one paper contain two different report. I give you an example: someone come in and buy something, so I print a receipt on a 8.5 X 11 inch size, then I tear it a half, when another customer come in, I print it on remain of a half paper.

I know it is wasting paper But just let it print on 8.5x11 paper, even if it only covers half the page. Give the customer the whole sheet. Then when your next customer comes in, print their receipt on on whole page. As, you might notice I still cannot tell what the problem is.

you can create your own defined paper size for printing.

How to create it? could you tell me?

Go to Object Designer Click on reports scroll to you receipt report click design you’ll get a list of the DataItems used in the report. Scroll/click on the line after the last dataitem up on the menu bar click on Properties (or View Properties) when properties window comes up then go down to paper size clcik on the arrow that appears on the right & pick paper size you want.

Michael is right. That is the way in navision to give a report a basic paper size

I knew it, but there are no papers size that match with my receipt size ( 8.5 X 5.5 inch or half of 8.5 X 11 inch ), I have mentioned it before. Thanks

This should give you everything you need to build a solution:

Muryadi; I still do not think udenrstand your problem. If your receipt only covers half (or a quarter) of a page. Just let it print on a full 8.5x11 sheet. Navision doe snot care that what actaully comes out on the page does not actually cover the whole page. This only works if you want 1 reciept at a time. If however, when you go to print, you are printing more than 1 reciept at a time, 2 or 10, or 20, and you want only one on a full page of paper, then put a Page Break command in your report code. (I can tell you where, but I need to know the structure of your report, in order to tell you how/where to put the instructions for a page break). With a page break (NewPagePerRecord), it prints the first receipt, then spits out the 8.5x11 paper, prints the 2nd receipt, spits out another sheet, on & on. You get several receipts (a batch) at a session, but each is on its own page. If on the other hqand you want the reciept size & paper size to match exactly, then you have to buy different paper.


Originally posted by murry
I knew it, but there are no papers size that match with my receipt size ( 8.5 X 5.5 inch or half of 8.5 X 11 inch ), I have mentioned it before. Thanks

I think if you leave the Paper Size property , it’s then up to the actual printing size of the report and the printer to determine the output. Then you need to customize the printer to the custom size, and you should be set. This is how a customer of mine prints out an 8½" x 7" size.

Hi MIchael,

I want to get 2 copies for the same report on a page. But some document may have many records more than one page. but the report should break it to another page, keep maintaining the size (half page) and give space for the duplicate one. I just want to keep as customer copy for payment voucher tearing from the half of every page. So, do i need to write the whole report with different sessions?

Do you have any solution for this? Thanks

Hi Muryadi,

This is what I will do,

  • Create one temp record variables (same as your data item).
  • Fill up this variable OnAfterGetRecord: g_recTmpTable .DELETEALL; g_recTmpTable := YourDataItem; g_recTmpTable.INSERT;
  • In your section create the TextBox according to your need.

So it will be something like this

============== =============

YourDataItem.“No.” g_recTmpTable .“No.”

============== =============

Is this what you mean?