Print to PDF crashes session

When emailing or saving files in PDF format, the session crashes - apparently only when the length of the PDF is more than a page or two. Some packing lists work fine, others crash the session. They export fine to PDF. Has anyone come across this? Also, we find that the PDF does not render boxes or even text properly - half of our “customized” forms look fine on the screen but the column headings don’t print.

Hi, Please let us know info like - * Which version of Axapta are you using? * Also are you using any special characters? * Do you get anyl error messages? Also check in Event Viewer for any error messages. As far as your customized reports, guess there could be overlap of controls. Keep the reports as simple as possible. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

I suppose that your pdf document may be damaged. If it is really so, it can be fixed by the pdf recovery application. I have just noted that the topic is pretty old. So, in this cases I hope it help others who encounter the same issue