Print sales order confirmations ssrs appear error

print sales order confirmations ssrs appear error :
An exception of type MetdataException has occurred while performing the operation.

Which version of AX it is about? You’ve attached tags for both D365FO and AX 2012. Also a tag for DynamicsCon, which was likely by mistake.
When did it start happening? Were you making any changes to the report?
Does it happen with this single report only? Do all users observe the same behavior?
Is in a development environment? If so, have you tried rebuilding your model and redeploying the report? What is the StackTrace of the exception?

in Dynamics 365 Fo,in Dynamics 365 Fo,I create a new design,Only this one will happen like this,Is in the development environment

All right, I’ve fixed the tags for you.
Regarding your probem, please look at my suggestions in the previous reply.

I tried to rebuild the model and redeploy the report, but to no avail

Did the build and deploy complete without errors?
What is the StackTrace of the exception?
Do you get the same error even if print management is configured to use the standard report design?

After I build, there is no error. If I use the system standard ssrs to print out, there will be an error. After restarting the ssrs service, there is no problem.