Print Management - Print Invoice to Printer and XML format using AIF


I have setup AIF to send an invoice to a folder in XML format, but this only happens when I post an Invoice of a Sales Order and de-select “Print Invoice”. If I check that, the Invoice won’t get sent to the queue for my AIF setup to send an invoice in XML format. Is there anyway I can run these 2 concurrently? As I’d like to use both methods for a trial period before switching over to XML format fully.


Hi Callum,

I suspect you may have to modify the code so it can do both. What version of AX are you using? And how did you configure AIF here?

I’m using AX 2009.

I configured the AIF like so:

  1. Set transport adapter as File System Adapter

  2. Set a channel to use that adapter and pointed its address to the file location I want the xml’s to be sent too.

  3. Enabled the SalesSalesInvoiceService

  4. Setup an endpoint, with a constraint of the customer I wish to have this setup for. Setup the action policies to use the, setup the data policies etc…

  5. Created a new batch job and added the AifGatewaySerivce and AifOutboundProcessingService tasks

My understanding is that Invoices should automatically get added to the queue upon posting, but this doesn’t seem to be the case and I suspect my print management settings are to blame, hence why I want to run both concurrently.