Print custom checks with MICR font

Hi, We would like to produce checks using the MICR font for the magnetic ink. Is there a way we can do this within Navision? Is there a way to include and use a new font without having to install it on every client? See those web sites for examples:

Ok, I found a part of the answer… I just downloaded and installed the demo font and used it simply by changing the FontName property of a control in a report. The only thing I will have to test is if we need to have the font installed on every client, or on the server only.

On every client that prints these checks, no doubt!

When i have used the MICR or OCR fonts i had to install on all clients that wanted to print that report/document.

Ok, Thank you, Regards, David

The one thing that has always troubled me with MICR is that while I know I can get a font to print the right characters, I’ve never seen a printer that can print with magnetic ink. Does normal laser printer toner have enough magnetism in it for MICR scanners to work or is there some specialised toner you have to use? I know there are specialised printers that can do this but they have the font already built in so therefore you don’t need a software font. Cheers, John

Hi John, There are desktop printers that are capable of printing using magnetic toner - but not all are capable of doing this. The drum needs to be able to get hot enough to properly melt the toner. You can purchase magnetic toner and swap the regular toner with the magnetic toner as required (if the printer is not a dedicated cheque printer). Django

Just some food for thought…why would you need to install the fonts for every user? Seems to me to be a safty next that those not authorized to print checks cannot. We print our own checks with a true type MICR font and MICR toner. Works very well.

Just one other note about the toner cartridge. Here on the West Coast of the US, a magnetic cartridge is about $250 USD. Pretty spendy if you ask me. But then, the customer is always right! [;)]

Yeah, magnetic toner ain’t cheap but if you can get 5000 cheques out of cartridge your cost per cheque is about 0.10 a cheque. (250/5000)+0.05/page. Ask your client what their bank charges them for cheques… [:)]