Print Comment Lines in Order Confirmation

I would like to have my Sales Comment Lines (Table 44) for a specific Sales Order printed on - for example - an order confirmation (report 205). Based on the standard report 205: how can I achieve this? Thanks!

Hi Michiel, simply as an inicial indication… add a new T44 dataitem to R205 with DataItemLinkReference “Sales Header” and DataItemLink “Document Type=FIELD(Document Type),No.=FIELD(No.)” - depending on the position of these comment lines within your report you put this new dataitem before the sales lines dataitem or rather after the sales lines. Then you only need to add the fields to the body section that gets created automatically. Hope this helps. Nils

Thank you Nils! I didn’t know it was that easy. My problem were all the page loops and copy loops and so on, but now I learned that I can place a data item in any place in the list! Learning all the time…[:D]