Print check & remittance seperately

Hi, Is there a way to separate remittance from check on Navision 4.0 SP1? For example, the payment for postage is a long list of small amount invoices. How can I print the check with one total amount on the check but print the detail remittance in a separate blank paper instead of waste 10 or 50 pages of checks? Thanks,

This may be different in the US version, but the options from the payment journal are to print remittance advice and to print cheque - they are separate. Many users design the cheque to include the remittance advice as the stationery is designed in this manner, but you could have the cheque design just printing the cheque, then have the remittance advice separate. This of course would change it for all which you may not want, so have separate options, cheque only and remittance only and call new reports, this would seem to be the sensible option.

Trin, I’ve developed that solution for the NSC I’m working with (Western Computer). They are located in California and you can contact them for information about costs and so ( ). The solution prints just one check page (instead of those nasty 10/20 pages with just VOID on them) and all the remittance is printed in a different report (so it can go through a different printer).