Primary key constraint on Object table

When I open a SQL Server Option for Navision Attain 3.60 database I get an error regarding primary key constraints on the Object table, wherein Navision Attain complains that the two identical primary keys (Type, Company Name and ID) differ between Navision and SQL Server. How do I force Navision to stop thinking there is a problem? How do I completely disable this check for the future? Does anybody have any clue?

I’ve had the same error recently. It came after we opened the 3.60 database with a 3.70 client and converted it (at least a message was telling us the conversion was completed successfully). Opening the database after this conversion was not possible anymore (same error as yours). It turned out to be an ‘old’ 3.70 client we were using and probably there was also another user active during the conversion. We (with support from MBS) did not find a solution other than restoring a backup and convert it with the most recent client.

Willy, the error you are describing I believe is fixed in 3.70 hotfix 12. The error hrillo is describing, regarding different keys between Navision and SQL is probably because the Object table indexes have been modified externally. Do a: sp_help [Object] in Query Analyzer - what are the keys reported?

Hi Robert, Yes, after implementing hotfix 12 conversion went ok. We also had a look at the keys but couldn’t discover odd things. It’s not important for the project in case but I’m still curious if there’s any solution other than restoring the database.