Preventing people from Copying and Pasting

We have a customer who wants to make sure that none of their users are easily able to make a copy of their customer data. For this, the want to disable to functionality to copy data in certain forms. We have tried various properties here, and the closest thing we could find that stopped people from copying from forms is to set the focusable property to no. But unfortunatly this disables other functionality which we want. Can anyone offer any advice here? Thanks.

Hi, Had you tried PasteIsValid property of TABLE?

IIRC, this topic has been dealt with before here - to make it short, it’s not possible [xx(] Rajesh, the PasteIsValid property determines if data may be pasted into the Navision form - it does not prevent data being copied from Navision into e.g. Excel.

Hi, In my hubble opinion this only prevents the pasting, ist’t it . Or am I missing something here? /Sven

If it’s not possible to avoid copy and paste i think there is a other way in changing the design of the customer-overview like this: If you reduce the number of fields of your table view (only No,Name,Country,Town) the datas you get using “copy and paste” are not as critical as they are if the datas contains all fields (Contact, Telephone, Adress, open Invoices…). If “critical datas” must be shown then you can add a column under the table with the datas of the current record. So it’s not possible to copy all datas in one go. bye (Stefan);

Hi You can avoid copy and paste, if there is no other programm to paste something. Then is it necessary to start only Navision on the computer. You have to change the registry: HKCU or HKLM \software\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\winlogon value “shell” Reg_sz “Explorer.exe” New: path\fin.exe (without testing it) bye Andre

Andre, turning the user’s PC into a “Navision terminal” is a bit, well, should I say: cruel? [}:)][:D][}:)][:D][}:)][:D][;)] But seriously - in security-critical environments, this might well be the only viable solution. In addition, I’d deactivate the “Save as HTML…” command too, as this could also be used to export data into Excel.

Isn’t trying to prevent users from copying and pasting a bit like this: The company buys company cars for the sales reps., but request from the car dealer that the cars only can drive backwards, so the sales reps. won’t get speeding tickets? :slight_smile: What I mean is, copy/paste is a normal operation in any windows application, if you are afraid that your employees will run away with the customer base, the solution is not to stop them from copy/paste, they will get the data anyway, if they really want to. The solution most likely lies with the prople you hire or with the people who has hired them :slight_smile:


Originally posted by xorph
Andre, turning the user’s PC into a “Navision terminal” is a bit, well, should I say: cruel? …

Hmm. OK [8)]. But if the customer wants something like this, he should get a solution. Sorry ICNR: But this is not highest ‘security’ level [8D]! If you want to secure your data on the ‘highest’ level, it is necessary to disable ‘Send To’ (copy by email!), disconnect the printer (copy by print!) and remove the screen (what about digital cameras!- Make a picture - send it through OCR - you will get the data!)! Or - remove the User!!! @Lars & Heinz To make it clear: I’m totally against such “solutions”. bye Andre

It sound more like a personnel or psychiatric problem than a programming problem. There has to be some level of a trust relationship between employer and employee…

There’s a way for doing it… it’s called not using the program or removing the user… remember that if you remove the copy & paste function on the forms you’ve also to ensure removing any pencil, pen or writting available thing that can allow the user take notes on whatever they want… Just reason with your customer and show him that what he asks it’s a total stupidity… Regards,

I can see that the request for such a functionality by the Customer isn’t sensible in many ways but we have seen instances wherein it required hard explanation with some points mentioned by others to convince the customer about the same. My interest actually is to know, if other ERP S/wares have any such feature within the solution to prevent just the “Copy & Paste”, “Save as HTML” or “Send To xxxx(Office)” or similar options. You can’t always say that its not possible but if it can be said that other S/wares behave in similar way, it could of help to an extent.

You could probably write a program which constantly pastes garbage into the Windows clipboard. But that would easy to disable (with the Windows Task Manager) and would screw up a lot of other stuff. You might also be able to write your own client which replicates the functionality of certain Navision forms.

Following your arguments, Why does Navision have security at all? If you trust your employees there shouldn’t be a need for it. Should open up all the HR, G/L, etc. data to every employee?

M. Brown… it’s not a matter of trusting, but a matter of what’s the use of it… If you don’t allow the users to open up the HR, G/L, etc… they cannot see the information, but it makes no sense trying to stop them from doing copy & paste the information from the screen they’re able of seeing anyways, as no matter if you don’t allow them to copy & paste or not… copy & paste it’s just the easy/lazy way of changing from one program to the other and manually typing what’s on the other screen. In other terms, with navision’s security you’re keeping the user from accessing data they’re not allowed to see… what that customer is asking it’s just avoiding the shortcuts for copying the data they’re having available… i hope that customer it’s not having paper & pens at his office, as his users will be able of writting in paper all the information or use PrintScreen for printing what they’re having in the screen… in practical terms what the customer it’s asking it’s something that cannot be done. Regards,

The arguments expressed by others have their own weight. Agreed. What I would like to know is how will the Implementation Consultants convince the Customer of the same in case the request is from Middle/Top-Level Management itself? Most of response above has been from Developer Community, response from Implementation Consultants would be enlightening. Thats one of the reaons, I asked if other S/w have any such feature?

Hm, why not using Terminal Services to access to the Database. You can handle all the issues (Copy and past, save as html, printing) with the terminal server. OK. You (or the customer) have to pay for that. But it is working…

Hi Shanon, if you want to avoid the copy and paste of a navision record from the client to every application, you can write a program that hook the clipboard chain and empty the clipboard if the new content is of “Record Navision Attain” type, if you need something like this write me, and i’ll send you.

Alfonso, That’s the whole point… cut and paste makes it too easy to copy reams of data. Sure one could concievably write down record by record or cut and paste screen shot by screen shot but with Navision you can easily copy an entire table. This kind of functionality should have some sort of control over who has access to it and who doesn’t.

Hi All Hmm. If you want to secure your data - where do you want to start and where should be the end? What is with us - the users with ‘super’ - rights? Who should restrict our rights to copy and paste? IMHO the best way is the following: - show the user only the data which he should see - restrict the access to the database - teach the user in security - trust the user - If you can’t trust one user, he shouldn’t work in your company! And there is another thing - how would you feel if you would know the Windows tools Copy and Paste - and it would doesn’t work on your computer. bye Andre