Prevent merging of invoice lines with same account

Hi, the problem is following … if i post an invoice with 2 lines with post an amount on the same G/L Account. These 2 lines are summarized to 1 G/L Entry. I heard that it is possible to change this relatively easy. Has someone here done this already and can give me some help what i have to do? Thanks in advance.

hi i guess if the line dimensions are different, they will be posted as two lines instead of one.plz have a try on this.[:D][:D] WR Hari

Maybe i asked wrong (here the complete question): ----------------------------------- In your opinion, is it possible/practical to have Navision NOT consolidate entries on Purchase Invoices. E.G. Dianne/Evita want to make multiple entries for the same G/L account on a purchase invoice AND they want these discrete entries to be visible when drilling into the posting detail (navigate) for the document. Currently, the system accumulates these amounts for the same G/L account and does one posting entry. ----------------------------------- I tried to upload also explaining pictures but this didn’t work. Btw. what do you mean with different line dimensions??

This is quite easy to achieve. 1. Put a new field in table 49 “Invoice Post. Buffer” 2. Add this field to the Primary Key 3. Fill the field with a value in CU 90 This will create one G/L Entry for each value in your new field, so if you add the Line No. you will get one posting per line. /Lennart