Press Release: The oldest Microsoft Dynamics community is expanding!

When I started DUG as the Navision Online User Group in 1995, we were the only open way to communicate on the internet for both users and partners of Navision to discuss the product we all loved. Now DUG just had its 21st birthday.

The world is very different today. Now there exists many different online Microsoft Dynamics forums and communities. And with everything that is happening especially with Dynamics 365, then we expect that the community is going to change even more.

To serve our ever-changing community better DUG will be adding additional offerings that supplement the existing online presence. In-person meetups, online training, customer/employee matchmaking, and community-led webinars are just a few of the new things we’re cooking up and planning for the near future.

I cannot do this alone. So, to help realize these new plans, Jake Roder and Jon Stypula of will be made part of the leadership team. Jake and Jon have been longtime members and supporters in the at-large Microsoft Dynamics space. Their knowledge of and relationships in the Microsoft Dynamics AX community, position them uniquely to assist me to branch out.

As part of this change, and to ensure that DUG has the community’s best interests at heart and provides fiscal transparency, DUG will begin the process of transitioning to a US-based non-profit organization in the next few months. Although 100% free to users since the beginning, being open about financial information and honest about its role as an educationally-focused community is extremely important to DUG, as we understand it’s extremely important to our fellow Dynamics users.

Please join me in welcoming Jake and Jon officially and also please keep your eyes peeled for these changes, and more, in the coming months. As a community-led group, do not hesitate ask about ways you can get volunteer on the forums or in an in-person meetup near you!

Erik P. Ernst / Webmaster and founder of Dynamics User Group

About (DUG). Beginning as Navision Online User Group (NOLUG/ in 1995 as a web page and mailing list among friends, today DUG receives 80,000 unique visitors and over 250,000 page views per month as the oldest independent Microsoft Dynamics community website (not affiliated with Microsoft). Founded and operated by Erik P. Ernst, a Microsoft Business Solutions MVP since 2004, DUG has a well-attended online forum at for each of the Microsoft Dynamics products.

About curates content through its web forums, social media accounts and blogs while facilitating free in person networking events through the Microsoft Dynamics AX meetups. Currently it is moderated by active Dynamics VAR partner members Jacob Roder and Jonathan Stypula though supports involvement of users from all over the community

Thanks for the kind words and the warm welcome Erik! I’m humbled and excited to be a part of the DUG family.

Welcome Jake and Jon.